Custom Club Fitting

Houston Custom Club Fitting

Buying a new set of clubs can be an overwhelming task. The choices are numerous and the claims of whose club is best can get confusing. The only way to sort through the avalanche of information is to choose someone that has the knowledge and means to help you gain a clear understanding of the club that best fits your swing and abilities.  Expert custom club fitting is a talent that is only acquired through years of experience and training.  That is why Jim has been chosen as one of few top fitters for the Advanced Fitting Works Center.  

Jim's expertise is now complimented by the most comprehensive fitting system in the market today. NO other manufacturer provides more fitting equipment and this system matches Jims skill and reputation as the best fitter in Houston.  Jim is also a member of the Titleist Leadership Advisory Staff and Prominent Fitters faculty.  He is one of the select fitting specialists in the world that Titleist trusts to train other professionals the art of custom club fitting.


Titleist SureFit Tools

Consistent with their tagline Serious Clubs for Serious Golfers, Titleist is dedicated to being the leader in custom fit golf clubs. Titleist Club Fitting is a comprehensive tee-to-green process developed to provide golfers properly fit equipment throughout the entire set.
Knowing that Jim is in high demand from consumers around the area that are looking to be professionally fit for their set of clubs, the Advanced Fitting Works system provides Jim with every club head Titleist makes and ProV1 golf balls for a precise fit.   Jim also uses the FlightScope Launch Monitor to read ball flight data. 
Contact Jim:
281.370.8900 x-4

Jim’s nationally recognized custom club fitting services

Total Fit - Driver through Short Game (3 hours) - $375
Driver Fit - (90 minutes) - $200
Long Game Fit - Fairway Metals & Hybrids (1 hour) - $150
Iron Fit / includes Short Game fit (90 minutes) - $200
Short Game Fit - wedges only (1 hour) - $150
Putter Fit – (1 hour) - $150