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At WindRose Junior Golf Academy, we are passionate about giving the best instruction and club fitting around. No matter the skill level, we have options for your junior that will lead to long term player development and a love for a game they can play forever.
Shelby Thibodeaux, 
                                               Director of Junior Golf         



 This year's instruction will follow the U.S. Kids Golf Player Pathway consisting of 10 Levels. As players advance from level to level, new forms are learned, skills improve and achievements are earned.

Completion of Levels 1-5 establishes the basic fundamentals to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment and knowledge of the game. Advancing through Levels 6-10 provides the skills to successfully compete in tournament play.
In each level, there are five checkpoints in which achievement pins may be earned: Putting, Short Game(Chipping&Pitching), Full Swing, Etiquette and Rules.



   For 2020, WindRose After-School Program will consist of (four) five-week semesters. There will be two one-hour practices each week. Following each semester, WindRose will have a tournament that is included in the cost of the program. The purpose of these tournaments will be to showcase progress as well as insure they are getting the on course experience they need to grow their game. Medals will be awarded for the winner of each division. Juniors will play three, six, or nine holes based on their USKG level.

The tournament format will be individual stroke play and caddies will be allowed under set guidelines. As part of the new curriculum, our students will be assigned practice drills to accelerate their progress. Parents will be updated on the assigned homework for each class through our new communication app. You will also be sent updates on the USKG Scoreboard through the app to track your junior(s) progress from home.

*Our 2021 Junior Academy is currently being revamped. Stay tuned for more info. Information will be announced by March 1. Spring classes start March 15*
For more info, email Shelby Thibodeaux at shelby@windrosegolfclub.com or
         call (409)790-2472



This fall/winter, there will be no after-school program. Instead we ask that everyone possible participate in PGA Jr. League from November 1- Janurary 31. We are expecting to have four to six teams with each team practicing once a week for 1 hour on weekday afternoons and playing four to six tournaments guaranteed. Tournaments will take place on weekend afternoons. All teams will be paired as equally as possible. We understand families may be absent due to vacations, so we will undertake to have all practice and tournament schedules out by November 1st.

PGA Jr. League is a game-changing opportunity for boys and girls to learn and play golf. The program brings family and friends together around fun, team golf experiences with expert coaching from PGA and LPGA Professionals.

 PGA Jr. League is all about the recreational and developmental nature of regular season matches, held between April 1 and July 31.
During the course of one game, teams play four 9-hole matches in a popular two-person scramble format, reinforcing the team concept and creating a nurturing environment for learning the game. Coaches can also substitute players every three holes, so that all of the golfers on each team can participate.
PGA Jr. League is open to both boys and girls, ages 6-13, of all abilities! 

*Registration closed for 2020*

Cost: $375.00(entire season including instruction, on-course time, uniforms and backpacks)


Click on the logo for more information and to sign-up on PGA Junior League         



WindRose Golf Academy’s High School Golf Program is for area High School golf team, golf class participants and junior’s inspiring to play High School golf! We will meet Friday’s from 9:00-11:00am at WindRose GC. Registration is limited to 16 participants each month!

  • Program will be fundamentals clinic based and will include Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Wedge Play, Full Swing, Course Management, and Written Practice Plan. Video analysis will be used to ensure the proper mechanics are being used. Program will also have aspects of advanced techniques of Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Distant Wedges, Full Swing, Course Management and Mental Game.

  • On-course play and practice.

  • Weekly competition and pre-tournament warm up preparation.


To register send email to Shelby@windrosegolfclub.com   or  Garrett@windrosegolfclub.com stating which session(s) you wish to join and an invoice for those sessions will be sent.



Throughout the year we have junior camps designed for all skill levels age 6-14. Juniors will be placed in groups depending on their skill level and will move through stations. They will learn the fundamentals of golf through instruction, games, obstacle course and on-course time. Each day they will face different challenges to earn prizes. Lunch will also be included. If your junior(s) is in need of clubs, we offer rental sets free of charge. 

Cost: $175 (Lunch Provided)
Ages 6-14
10% off - Sibling Discount


Upcoming Camps:

Snowball Camp